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E0B253D4-19FC-4FA4-B71A-F836D1CED035.pngMet by chance..

from opposite ends..

two worlds collide ..

only friends..

Made me see ..

all I can be..

listen ..

not to reply .. but to understand

As I drift into sleep

I’ll feel your heart beat next to mine..

two lost souls rescued to shine..

I have found my diamond mine ..

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Trying something new..

pleasurable for us both..

building desire by withholding..

Devouring my mind.. and my soul..

proving I can trust you completely..

showing your strength of control..

penetrating my mind.. not my body..

until the passion overwhelms us both..

Flightless Bird

Beckoned by the bluest skies..

to lift my feather arms and fly..

To play the treetops..

rise and dive..

Swept softly by the southern wind..

Circling the moon with a friend.

Soaring high above the clouds…

till my journey ends.

A small delicate bird .. of the soul

Wide eyed at the whole wonderous world.

Cut short by feline friend or foe?!

“Come sit with me and stay awhile”

Eyes deep as the ocean.

Sly Cheshire smile.

Willingly flew into your open arms..

wooing me with your charms.

Now I sit with broken wings..

dangling on puppet strings..

Dreaming of the days ahead.. when I may finally…

Spread my wings..



img_2613Deep in thought ….

Dwell on self doubt..

Insults echo.. never to escape the walls of my mind.

Darkness creeps in ..

He comes to sleep with me ..

not right in the head..

Seductive and overpowering.

Whispers in the Night..

Of thoughts ..

Mad as birds..

Perched upon my soul ..

A Raven black as pitch.

Voices from the corridor..

Speak of familiar choices..

unbeknownst to me..

Screams of terror ..

escape my lips.

Unfathomable Nightmares.

The lunatic have taken over the asylum..

As lost as Alice..

As mad as the Hatter..

Grinning like Cheshire Cat ..

In a Wonderland of Madness ..

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